For a too a long period of my young life I’ve been living in the dark. Not that my life itself has ever been dark, obscure, full of bad things… No, that’s not me and hopefully it will never be.

I have been in the dark as someone simply trying to exit his pretty and neat house through the front door, but when it is burning down and filled up with smoke. As someone trying to recognize the seeming beauty of his own always smiley and handsome face, but in a cracked mirror ready to fall into pieces. As someone desperately trying to find himself by looking anywhere but in the right direction.

Today although I’m still feeling my way through a fuzzy and shapeless life, in a world that I understand less and less, I’m glad to say I discovered a lot more about who I am. Of course, I’m still learning, but it feels soooo good.

The reason for this blog is summarized in this slogan: the Right to the Light. The right to the light because it is when I understood I had the right to know who I am, the right to understand my life, or simply the right to be happy, that I finally started to remove the smoke out of my house, to put back together the mirror pieces, to look for myself in the right direction. The right to the light because while discovering that, to me, God is the greatest source of light that will ever exist, I also discovered, firstly, that He wants me to use and enjoy this light freely, and then, that only in it can I find who I really am. Finally, the right to the light because without the pretention of thinking « well, now I know THE way and I must share it with the whole world! », I rather said to myself « if I have been living in such darkness, maybe somebody else is experiencing the same thing or, at least, is going through the same process now, and in that case, he or she has the right to enjoy this light as much as I do ». Then, I guess sharing what is luckily helping me out of my darkness, with time, could eventually help somebody else out of his.

Once again, without any pretention, in this blog I’m trying to share what I receive, not what I own – by the way, I embrace as an essential truth: I own nothing, except my choices, but this, we’ll get there in another article. Through my thoughts, experiences, emotions, put into words and images, I strive to merely outline, reflect, steer towards a light that is so much more than what I’ll ever be able to communicate. Paradoxically, what I communicate sometime might look a bit dark, but it’s for two good reasons: because like anybody else I have my dark and my bright side, and mostly because the best way to notice the beauty of a light is to observe it in the dark.

Full moon over the sea

Just to give some hints about what you can and can’t find in this blog, here are a few things about me! The Metanoid…

I am a thirty-something French man, of West and Central African origins. I am currently working as an engineer in the railway industry, which for different reasons gives me the occasion to travel more and more across the world. I have thousands various interests for arts, cultures, peoples, sciences, sports; yet, I don’t have any passion in life. And last, but surely not least, I am a Christian. I could try to describe, justify or clarify how, when and why with many facts and biblical verses, but I believe it is not necessary if we agree at least on the heavy meaning of that word, and on the fact that a tree is recognized by its own fruit.

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    1. Hi there! Thanks for your comment. If that can help or encourage you, my family was saying that about me writing those articles 😉
      Nice to have you here anyway, enjoy your reading!


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