You failed,

Leaders, you failed to address the grief and need, unchanged in time and across borders.
People, you failed to choose for yourself indeed, which is the prime of all your powers.

Religions, you failed in your self-assigned mission to duplicate the divine into the human.  
Atheism, you failed in your vain revolution to annihilate the true shrine enslaving the mind.

Capitalists, you failed to offer a better paradigm as soon as you deliberately stopped listening to the demand. 
Communists, you failed to fulfill a greater dream as soon as you desperately started raising a cold nightmare. 

Elders, you failed to be the searchlight on youth’s future, though you sacrificed your glittering innocence for the benefit of wise experience, we are still toddling in the dark.
Youth, you failed to be the lighthouse of elders’ past, to them you’re an artifice of alienating reminiscences, lousy drumbeats and weird dances, though still not igniting the spark.

… , you all failed …

… , we all failed.

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