The truth and the reality

The difference between truth and reality.
In my study of the Bible and prayers, I am gradually discovering that there is a great difference between reality, that I live and which is undeniable because I live it, and the truth which, on its side, is absolute, whether I live it or not. With my clumsy words it may seem quite complex, but to try to simplify a little, I’ll refer to a good American block buster: Matrix!

I always have a choice between a blue and a red pill. The blue pill, the reality, that I can swallow to accept obediently more or less revolting things, which yet are facts, tangible things that happen in me and around me. And there is the red pill, the truth, which I can swallow to access an infinite number of possibilities, questioning each of these revolting things and  going so far as to gradually allow me to change them the more I embrace this truth.

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